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Baa Baa Bubbles Bubble Blasting Game

16 pieces
1 Baa baa Bubbles Sheep
12 meadow tiles
1 bubble solution with applicator cap
1 bottle bubble mix
1 instruction sheet

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Condition: A - As new
Brand: Spin Master
Code: 85
Serial: PM0240

Anticipation-filled game of bubble-blasting.
Feed the sheep treats and her wool made of real bubbles grows.
Apply the solution onto Bubbles, scatter the meadow tiles around her and take turns flipping them over. Feed her the number of times shown on the tile and watch her sudsy wool grow. But be careful: if Bubbles is allergic to what she eats, she’ll sneeze, blasting her bubbles and you’ll lose your tile! If she doesn’t sneeze and happily eats, keep the tile. The player with the most meadow tiles at the end of the game wins.

Important: Before playing remove the screen on the back of the sheep, rinse the screen with tap water until it is thoroughly wet, reattache the screen and then apply bubble solution.

Age: 4+ years

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