Terms and Conditions of Memberships and Item Use

Membership Eligibility

1.       Individuals who have children or care for children can have membership with Play Matters Toy Library.  Each membership is treated as either family membership or organisational membership.

2.       Prior to borrowing, all Members must:

a.       complete and submit a Membership Application (either online through the Play Matters library database or in person at the library);

b.       pay the annual Membership Subscriptions (valid for 365 days)

                                                   i.      12 Month Family $100

                                                 ii.      6 Month Family $60

                                               iii.      Organisational $150.

c.       Bank transfer Payment: money must be received in our bank account before you can borrow;

d.        Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Membership and Items Use; 

3.       The Member agrees to read and fully understand the rules and regulations of Play Matters Toy Library before joining and borrowing items.  The Member understands that failure to comply with any of these rules may result in revocation of membership without refund and/or legal action against the Member.

4.       The Terms and Conditions of Membership and Item Use are subject to change at any time.  Members are notified via email of any updates to this policy.  Current terms and conditions are provided again to the member when an item is borrowed and checked out.

5.       Once a Member’s subscription has expired, they will be required to renew their membership via the steps listed at point 2. Of this document before resuming borrowing.

Borrowing Conditions

6.       Only Member borrowing the item is authorised to use Play Matters Toy Library items.  The Member shall not permit the use of the items checked out to him or her by any other person unless by the express permission of Play Matters Toy Library.  An exception to this within the Member’s household/family using the items under the Members supervision.  The Members retains responsibility for the item at all times including for any breakage or damage, and Play Matters Toy Library reserves the right to cancel a membership without refund or refuse borrowing for a member who is allowing their borrowed items to be used by other individuals or groups.

7.       Members may borrow up to 6 items from the catalogue at any one time for a maximum period of 21 days.  Items may be reserved in advance via the online catalogue.

8.       Play Matters Toy Library reserves the right to refuse or limit renewals.  If the renewals are offered, the Member must follow the renewal policy outlined by Play Matters Toy Library their staff and/or volunteers.

9.       All items borrowed are to be returned to Play Matters Toy Library by close of business on their Return Date.

10.   The Member agrees to bring back items on time and be responsible for any fines and late fees.  The Member understands that failure to do this may result in the revocation of membership without refund.  Late fees are charged at $1 per item per day and are capped at the full replacement cost of the item plus $5 administrative fee.  Late fees are subject to change.

11.   Play Matters Toy Library reserves the right to use appropriate steps to retrieve overdue items or unpaid fines and fees, including the use of a collection agency and/or legal action, and require the Member to pay the costs of any such action.  Play Matters Toy Library.

12.   Play Matters Toy Library may replace severely overdue items (over 30 days), holding the Member responsible for the full replacement cost plus a $5 administrative fee.  Fines must be paid in full before borrowing additional items.

13.   Members are responsible for counting pieces of toys on the day of borrowing before leaving the library.  If Member realise that the toy is incomplete when he/she gets home, Member to email Play Matters Toy Library immediately with the toy number and correct details.

14.   Members must provide helmets for children using any bikes or bike style toys, including Euro trikes and scooters.  This is the condition of our insurance. Members may view the helmet waiver and release form on our website or via the link in your welcome email.

15.   No toys are stored with batteries.  Tester batteries are available for Members to use to test if toy is working prior to borrowing.  Members to supply own batteries for the use of these toys.

Item Use and Care

16.   All toys are to be returned in the same condition as they were issued, barring normal wear and tear.  If a toy is broken due to inappropriate use or neglect, including damage by pets, Member will be charged the full cost of replacing the toy or Member may replace the toy.

17.   There is a $5 per piece replacement fee for any missing pieces.  Member may borrow the toy for an additional 21 days to try and locate any missing pieces.  If the toy becomes inoperable due to the missing piece, Member will need to replace the toy or pay a negotiated replacement fee.

18.   If a toy is lost, Member will need to replace the toy or pay a negotiated replacement fee.  Member may borrow the missing toy for an additional 21 days to try and locate it.

19.   All toys must be retuned clean to prevent the spread of germs. Quick guide for cleaning toys:

a.       wash the toy with warm soapy water;

b.       a toothbrush can be used to get into nooks;

c.       toys that require the use of batteries, baby rattles and wooden toys should not be submerged in water.  Wipe these toys thoroughly with a damp cloth and pat dry;

d.       Leave in the sun to dry or dry with a clean tea towel;

e.       Wipe over wooden puzzles with a hot soapy damp (not wet) rag;

f.        If a Member’s child has been ill, toys must be disinfect before returning.  This can be done with antibacterial wipes or spray. Don’t soak in disinfectant as this can remove the colour from some plastics;

g.       Cloth toys and costumes will have cleaning instructions on the tag.  Some can only be spot cleaned; others can go in the washing machine;

h.       Outdoor and sandpit toys must be cleaned well to be stored inside.  Immerse in soapy water in the laundry tub and then rinse under running water to remove sand;

i.         Do not leave ride on toys outside in the rain or hot sun;

j.         Ensure toys are dry before packing them in the box

 Privacy and Acknowledgement of Data Collection

20.   Play Matters Toy Library commits to taking as much care as is reasonable in protecting Members’ personal information online.

21.   Play Matters Toy Library uses Office 365 to store files and information; Lend Engine to power its catalogue.  The privacy and/or data security policies of these providers are linked below*.

22.   The Member understands that by applying the membership online and using the web-based catalogue, they are submitting personal data at their own risk and that Play Matters Toy Library is not liable for any breaches of Member’s privacy or abuse of Member’s personal information b any other party.


*3rd party privacy and/or data security policies

·         The privacy policy of Lend Engine is available at https://www.lend-engine.com/privacy-policy

·         The privacy policy of Office 365 is available at https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-ca